Sep 082006

This morning I watched the sunrise at the top of Mount Kinabalu again. This second time seemed a lot harder than the first – probably because I hadn’t warmed up trekking the Crocker Range for a week like I did the last time. I had sore knees, and my head was spinning a bit. It […]

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Sep 062006

Popped out last night and got my hands on a copy of the new Sabah Tourism’s Sabah Magazine last night. On the back page was a Raleigh article written by our resident PR Officer, and 6 of my pictures were accompanying the article on the back and contents pages! Unfortunately my name wasn’t credited but […]

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Aug 302006

I finally had a taste of the infamous Durian fruit today. I’ve meant to many times before so the boss took one into the office, and we all had a taste. The smell wasn’t as bad as I expected and the taste of it was……different. Quite a weird texture, but again, not nearly as bad […]

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