Feb 192007

That’s me just back from my trip around the Whitsundays on the Anoconnda III yacht.Unfortunately the weather got the better of us so we didn’t make it out to the outer barrier reef due to storm warnings. We had an option of mooring at Hamilton Island and using the resort there, but the whole boat […]

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Feb 142007
4x4'ing in Fraser Island

Just back from the three day 4×4 in Fraser Island. A fantastic few days, and got caught in the pissing rain and lightning a couple of times – luckily we were back at camp both times….but it can’t be that bad with esky’s of booze and a large banged up Toyota Landcruiser to sit in […]

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Feb 072007

I landed in Sydney this morning, waited a few hours and flew straight up to Byron Bay, arriving here in time to enjoy the afternoon. When I got here I was in stereotypical Australia : Surrounded by pristine beach, pristine walkways, everyone uber helpful, people cycling with surfboards, ‘mate’ being said all the time, everyone […]

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Feb 062007

Well I post this quickly before getting my cab to Changi airport in Singapore. Once again, Singapore has eluded me and I’ve hardly seen anything of the city. Luckily I started speaking to two English girls when I arrived, over a beer and they asked if I wanted to go to the night safari with […]

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Feb 042007

I don’t like saying this about many places, but Manila is a shithole.  It’s not a bad place as such, there are great things to do, just not a lot of things to see, and the place is a lesson in how not to design a city. Any wannabe urban planner should come here for […]

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Feb 032007

Just a brief post tonight.  I’m back in Manila – in fact I cam back yesterday from Malapascua – boat, dodgy boat transfer, 4hr bus, taxi to airport, flight, taxi to Makati to sisters.  Long day.  Anyway, was out on a ‘culinary tour’ with the crowd from Old Manila Walks this afternoon, accompanying my bro-in-laws […]

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Feb 022007

I did another boat dive at Chocolate Islandat 1030 this morning.  This one had a niceer entrance as the wind which had challenged my sleep last night had died down a bit.  We did a two way dive against, tehn with the current.  Nothing too great, but we did see Mantis Shrimp, several nudibranches and a ‘wiggly arsed fish’….which translated […]

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Feb 022007
Two Thresher Sharks, and more...

Well I’ve realised I’ve spoiled myself a bit in the first year of my diving.  Philippines, yes, and yes again. Perhentians, yes.  Cambodia(?!), yes.  Sipadan, oooooh yes!  And here I am back in the Philippines, but in Malapascua Island.  I descended the mooring line around 7am in a big swell, strong surface current, and a relatively […]

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