Sep 012006

I ‘popped’ into KK today to get pictures printed for a wee exhibition, and to be used at promotional events in the future. It’s a bit of a hassle not having command of your own transport here (and the travellers mentality is hitting me trying to justify the two pound taxi in and out), so I had a good few hours to kill waiting for them to be ready.

KK doesn’t have many places to just go and chill in unless you are eating or drinking (at least I haven’t found them), or having a massage (again, I couldn’t justify the cheap cost of this!?!) so I ended up bumming around a few shops trying not to spend any money.

Unfortunately I stumbled across the shop at o2 Diver in KK and before I knew it I had rang the bell and was wandering around their well equipped store. I had to run away before buying a dive mask, snorkel and potentially fins…but I think I’ll probably be back before the trip to Sipadan, for the first two anyway. I’ve also made semi serious enquiries about doing my Rescue Diver and Emergency First Response course before I leave Sabah, as I’m hoping to get it for a price that would be stupid to resist….

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