Jun 302006

Well everyone is back from their project recces and it’s great to see them all excited about their destinations for the next 10 weeks or so. Many have came back leeched, especially the boys from Danum Valley which is where I’m based for 5 days in around 6 weeks time. On the flip side they saw loads of wildlife from wild boars to bearded pigs, elephants and snakes. Imbak Canyon was some monkeys flying around the trees. Their campsite sounds fantastic as it’s close to a waterfall that’s “Straight out the Timotei advert…in fact it’s miles better than that”.
Off for a sneaky beer, so more soon.
PS : Where are my letters and emails folks!! Only had one letter so far!
PPS : I’ve got a new career…I’m off modelling on Saturday night! Not kidding, Sabah Tourism has requested a few of us to go to a pub and club (and they’ve given us a very strict dress code) for a tourism photo shoot, and we’re getting paid for it! (well the money will obviously go straight to Raleigh International).

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