Mar 032011

That’s us based in Wanaka again for a couple of weeks.  We are taking part in a ‘HelpX’ scheme and working in exchange for accommodation and food at Wanaka Lakehouse.  This is the first time we’ve done anything like this although we’ve talked about it for ages.  If you know about ‘WOOFing’ on organic farms, it’s similar, but not restricted to organic farms and stuff.  We have started this scheme at the top though – take a moment to check out the link and you’ll know what I mean!

We arrived yesterday and there are 4 others here helping out which has been a nice intro for us, and we sat and had a bbq with them last night.  It’s going to be an interesting two weeks – most of the time will be spent gardening and housekeeping, but will likely get involved in other aspects of running an upmarket B&B like marketing, social media etc.  The owner appears to be pretty flexible although there is loads to do.  We hope to be able to go climbing, biking etc in our downtime.  The river is out the back of the property as well so no doubt I’ll make another failed fishing attempt as well!

The place is almost like my dream house.  It’s on the edge of Wanaka, with killer views over the lake and mountains, and built in an alpine chalet style with an extremely strong emphasis on being an eco lodge.  There are luxurious features around like an indoor small swimming pool which links to the lounge area, a games room, and guests use the place like their own house.

The other HelpX’ers leave on Saturday and the place is quiet on the booking front, although a big promo is being launched today.  I’ll let you know how we get on…

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