Nov 302010

Alas, the Rugby World Cup tickets are on general sale today, after the first 2 phases completed earlier in the year.  We think we’ll be around in NZ during them but doubt we’ll go to any matches which is a shame

There’s a few reasons though :

  • We don’t know where we’ll be based (probably Wellington)
  • The Wellington Quarter Finals start at $164 a ticket and you don’t know who you’ll be watching
  • Most of the Scotland games are in the far south, which means they are very cheap, but you have to fly down and stay overnight
  • The England Scotland game is in Auckland and not available now (and when it was it started at $300 a ticket!)
  • The Ireland games we’re considering for one or two as the crappy seats are cheap….

So alas, the tickets are on sale, but they’re either dotted too far around the country, which is great for Kiwis and the local economies, but not good for random planning.  Otherwise, the ticket prices are just way too expensive for us (Ireland vs Australia in Auckland….$358!).  No doubt flight prices will be hiked up accordingly as well.

UPDATE : We have bought tickets for 2 matches : Ireland vs USA (can they play rugby?) in Taranaki on 11/09/11 and Scotland vs Argentina (guess there’s no big deal with handball in this game) in Christchurch on 28/09/11 !    Whether we’ll make them is a bit up in the air, but hopefully we will!

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