Oct 272010

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but a few weekends ago we spotted some boogie boards in a garage sale……of course I was the bad influence and we ended up buying them, and a frisbee to go with them.  With them and the bikes our van is looking well stacked now.  We still have to try out the boogie boards if we get our hands on wetsuits but the beach is only minutes away!


Those of you with absolutely superb eyesight may have noticed our NZ sticker at the top of the ladder….that’s our way of pretending we’re locals so that any theives hopefully choose to target one of the big white tourist vans before ours Winking smile    The roofrack at the top is like it’s been made to measure for the boards!

We had an absolutely fantastic weekend up in Taupo this weekend with a lot of cycling and sightseeing on the way.  We even managed to stay in a great free campsite just outside of town.  Unfortunately after having 3 days of glorious sunshine we’re getting set in our head to hit the road in December…..just as Ciara starts her new 7 week contract.  I’ll try to get some more info on last weekend and some pics up by the weekend.

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