Oct 212010

Its been a while since I posted so I’m just going to fire up a quick one before we head off for the weekend.  The blog posts are surely getting a bit repetitive “cycling, outdoors, weather good, weather bad” so I’ll try and work out some new stuff to write!

Needless to say it should get a bit more interesting as time goes on. We are definitely hitting the road in the van mid December for a road trip, mainly around the South Island once the breadwinner’s contract comes to an end.  We will be on the road for around 6 weeks, then we’ll be joining a campervan road trip as my mum has booked to come out for 3 weeks mid January (thanks mum! Smile ).

We’ve been going to a few evening classes to learn how to fish off the coast although we’re not learning the basics which has been a bit of a blow but we’ll see how we get on….yes, fishing…bizarre eh. We have a romantic notion of being able to catch our dinner sometimes on the road trip, but we may well end up spending a few months catching nothing but we’ll see.  Who knows how we’l get on doing it from a van without all the stuff to keep everything cold, but there’s a pier about 10 mins from the house for us to practice on – it’s a really popular spot.

We’re just about to hit the road for the weekend so we’re heading off to Taupo with the van, which is looking bigger than normal….I’ve just been wresting to get the bikes on the back of it – soon we’ll need a ‘Long Vehicle’ sign!  Being honest though there are far bigger campers than ours on the road – it’s not unusual to see converted buses on the road here.  We hope to be able to spend a couple of days biking around Taupo.  It’s going to be mobbed though as it’s Labour Day weekend meaning most people have a long weekend.  I stumbled across a funny video about how to pronounce Taupo properly as it’s probably mispronounced about 95% of the time over here.

Anyway, better dash – get the coolbox ready, throw the last things in, then hit the road for our 4-5hr drive.

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