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DCRAIG_20100820_108_web It’s time for the weekly log, albeit a tad late this week!

We managed a great weekend away last weekend and drove a few hours to Cape Palliser, the most southern point of the North Island of New Zealand.  Obviously we didn’t really care about that – it was the first weekend away in the van and that was the most important! 

So that’s what this post will be about – introducing you to ‘Jumbo’ – out temporary name for the big van!

This weekend however will see us visit the Gluten Free Food Show, the St Kitts Market and I may try to head to Beervana for a wee tipple (but at $30 I’d expect more than just one sample!)…..we’ve already started it off well with a coffee and cake in our local beach cafe Maranui – with my favourite muffin yet – Brie, Sundried Tomatoes and Caperberries – delicious!!…. but meanwhile…back to last weekend….and the van! 

DCRAIG_20100820_129_web With Ciara finishing at 12.30pm we managed to get over there and park up well before dusk, right under the lighthouse.  The weather treated us well all weekend with no rain and hardly any wind – pretty rare at this time of the year.  We parked up only metres away from seal that lined the shore, but far enough away as not to disturb then.  After we climbed the 250 steps to the lighthouse the celebratory beers and wines were well deserved.





DCRAIG_20100821_316_web DCRAIG_20100821_317_web

On the Saturday we just drove a few kilometres along the coast and parked up at a minimal Dept of Conservation camp site – i.e. hardly any facilities, but we did have a toilet available.  These were beside some Pinnacles formed by the weathering of the surround land, creating tall towers of rock and earth – a bizarre location.  This was to be our first stop visiting a Lord of The Rings filming area….as I’ve only seen one of the films and can’t remember it I won’t say anything more on that.

DCRAIG_20100821_229_web DCRAIG_20100821_238_web

I’ll let the pictures speak of last weekend.  This weekend unfortunately is staying at home but that’s because it’s the Gluten Free Food Fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bang the drums….Ciara’s excited.  I’ve already seen a preview of some of the stuff there so it should be good (well, what else can I do during the day but watch breakfast TV!).  We’re hoping to go indoor climbing on Sunday as well – just as well as the weather isn’t looking too great.


DCRAIG_20100821_156_web DCRAIG_20100821_346_web

And enough about that – here’s more shots of two happy bunnies in the van and the road to Cape Palliser :


The road becomes gravel for the last few k’s, and runs very close to the sea at points :

IMG_6249_web IMG_6254_web

And of course the ‘luxury’ food, and the Saturday night movie :

IMG_6406_web IMG_6415_web

And the comfy kip :


Luckily for you that’s all the pics now but I’m sure the van will be dotted around in far more pics over the coming months as we can’t wait to go on a big road trip in it – preferably with bikes on the back as well if money allows :-)  Nice van eh!?

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  1. For information, the Pinnacles at Cape Palliser also featured on one of Peter Jackson’s earlier films, Braindead.

    I work beside David Tweddle who put me onto you blog as I am an ex-pat Wellingtonian. Loving the pictures of my home town. I agree, the houses are cold and draughty and the cafes warm and delicious. I do miss it.

    The south coast of Wellington is awesome in a southerly storm – but best viewed from inside the car.

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