May 302007

In regards to outdoors shops.

Anyway, I’m sending this from my first night in a capsule hotel. I’ve just been wondering around the nightlife area of Osaka. I’ve had my first sensory overload experience since arriving in Japan. Neon lights everywhere, bars and restaurants, Japanese youths pretending they are american homies, so many restaurants I couldn’t decide… I’m about to go an change into my robes, have a shower/bath and retire to my capsule after 6 octopus balls and 2 beers.
I need to escape the cities here.
I was so not on the ball when I left rainy Kyoto that I booked my train tickets to Beppu tomorrow forgetting that I was going to Hiroshima for two nights (at the moment) en route. But with a Japan Rail pass I don’ have to care – I’ll just hop on the Shinkansen to Hiroshima in the morning instead.

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  1. Any place with outdoors shops is dangerous for you.

    You know those kind of pub watch schemes that they have for spotting troublemakers? I think they must have a global one for outdoors shops – “Darren Craig is in town. Get your expensive kit out”.

    And as for craft shops…

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