May 092007

I sold my car today.  Yaaah. Bought for $1900. Sold for $1300.  Only cost me $600 for 9 weeks which is around £200 UKP. 

Plus the $2000 of fuel or whatever I guess and a new set of tyres at $180.

So what did I do?

Hire a campervan.  So I pick up an Apollo 2 berth Hi Top Cheapa camper on Friday (complete with hangover maybe after comedy festival?) until Wednesday afternoon, giving me one full day in Auckers before I head to Japan to purchase all the books that I think I’ll maybe get round to reading…..despite having three excess books lugged through New Zealand.  My campervan hire is only costing me $200 – just over a tenner UK per day as it’s low season.  And I cannot wait to get out an about it in as I always ‘promised’ myself a camper in NZ.

So now I have the best of both worlds. A sports car, and a campervan.  And I’ve just booked diving at at Dive Tutukaka at the Poor Knights Islands on Saturday.  I’ll probably have more than one day but will suck it and see.

So a few hours ago I got £1300.  In the last hour I’ve just committed myself to $440.  By the time I return from the Poor Knights I may have blown the lot.  But hey.  I’ll be diving, and I’ll be in a campervan.

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