Apr 012007

For my finally everyone in the house went out for a few drinkies in
Christchurch so I could reckie my potential new home (although Richard
quite rightly says I spend all my time thinking up schemes….it’s just
I need someone else to put them into action!). We met up in some pub
whose name I’ve forgotten and had a few too many drinkies too quickly,
but hey it was happy hour, and it was $6.20 a pint otherwise – that’s
around Edinburgh prices if remember correctly!
On the way to the pizza pub we walked past one of the dozens of Party
Pill shops, so as you have to do we went in for a nosey to educate
Alyson and I, the Christchurch newbies. It was hilarious – full of
legal party pills and herbs a.k.a. T In The Park stalls. What was even
more hilarious was the over knowledgeable staff member :
‘Hi folks, how you doing, what are you after?’
‘Erm, we dunno, we only came in for a look to see what these places were
all about.’
‘No problem. Have you been drinking?’ (no shit!), ‘well, these don’t
go do well with alcohol. If you are looking for an upper you should
look at these things, if you’re looking for a mellow high, then try this
bunch here….this one is particularly good. If it’s sex pills you are
looking for, these are all here.’
Anyway, off we went after me taking several piccies, then indulged in
way too many fantastic pizzas before heading down to Christchurch’s
‘strip’ of lively bars – much the same kindof places you’d get anywhere,
except that compared to home you could still sit outside here.
Eventually it was home time and my final kip in my beachside spare room.
Oh yeh – the mellow high was what I imagine it would be like smoking
washing up powder…..and mum, don’t worry – it is perfectly legal!!

I got up slowly the next morning and as though I needed an excuse to
hang around longer I stayed around to call up a travel agency in Tokyo
which kept me there until 2pm. As it turns out I got a more reasonable
£250ish one way from Tokyop to Bangkok, so I didn’t have to hang around
just incase I had to pop down to STA Travel to pick up a special deal
that expired today! It was a glorious day, the sun was shining, the
beach was mobbed, and more of Richards fantastic music selection was
playing loud (Putumayo Presents- African Groove was the choice of the
day) – days like which are exactly what their Sumner residence was built
for! Oh I’ll miss my week there – thanks a lot folks!!!

By the time I got out of Christchurch I never made it to Mount Cook
village until around 7.45pm.

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