Feb 272007

I fly to Alice Springs in a few hours, and already say goodbye to the west coast.  There’s far less people here (at least for a few years yet!), and you can swim in the sea 🙂  I can’t believe I’ve been in the area for almost a week as it’s flown by, catching up with several folk I’d never normally see which has been great.  I’ve still missed out on loads of things to do and places to see but that’s the same everywhere.

The ‘budget’ has taken an absolute beating here though.  It was a very depressing though looking at the bank accounts this morning as they’ll be pretty much zero the day I buy transport in NZ!!! (and still got 8 weeks, plus Japan etc to go!!).  Luckily I have a reserve fund which I had hoped not to use, but I guess thats the danger of being a bit of a flashpacker and paying to cram things in.

It’s unlikely I’ll write much until I’m in Adelaide on Monday as I will be on a 3 days Uluru/Ayers Rock/The Olgas/Kings Canyon tour until Friday afternoon, then Saturday night will be spent in Coober Pedy on the way to Adelaide, arriving Sunday evening.

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