Jan 252007

This one’s for you Dave! Sorry for the texts Dave – here’s a shot of John and I on Tonsai beach just after we sent you the picture message!

Yes I’ve met John, and it’s been relatively tame so far – however we were up at 7am to dive around Koh Phi Phi today, bringing my total to 50 dives. The dive’s were a bit, erm, ‘bland’ with poor visibility, and luckily saved by seeing a 6cm yellow seahorse, and a Leopard Shark, and a blue spotted stingray (oooh, so common last week ;-> ). Not really worth the cash today, however there was a pretty ‘cool’ incident with my mask that’s been bugging me rotton for a while….

I pulled my crap mask strap like I always do (Mare’s quick release thing, just it always released a bit when I breathe!), and it went ping! It stayed on, but I warned the divemaster and john just incase the expected happened as there was only a tiny bit left on the left hand side…. and 2 mins later it did – it started to go, I pushed my mask with my hand….got john’s attention, handed him my camera, pulled the spare out of my BCD pocket, noticed the strap on that had detached…which the divemaster put back on….. and once I took a few seconds, I swapped them over with little fuss. Job well done. Yaaah! We were 2/3rds through the dive so the divemaster signalled we would go up….after a few repeated OK signs (in the unspoken manner of ‘sod that, this day cost us 50 quid, lets dive’), the dive continued like nothing happened. Sweeet – a justification of me always diving with two masks since I bought one.

I’m off to check out the possibility of diving in Malapascua in the Philippines next week! Budget blower that I am….

Here’s another few pics from the day.
John pre-dive :

John and I mid-dive :

John post-dive (tired, but still not lost the knack – no way was he spilling 2/3rds bottle of beer mid sleep!)

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  1. You’re supposed to off gaining new experiences. You and John and the lash – looks like a normal night out in Edinburgh to me.

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