Dec 212006

Me on Tonsai beach, Krabi – way overloaded!

I made it to Hat Ton Sai beach in the Krabi area today. I met a guy I climbed with in Vang Vieng in the departures lounge (pre-planned), then spent the night in Krabi town last night. There’s a great little food market there, and we were in a pretty plush room by backpackers standards.

Today we took the boat to Tonsai beach next to Railey in Krabi. The boatman lit up a big fat one while the waves were splashing over the side (don’t worry mum I didn’t partake!).

We got in, managed to get a room reasonably easily at Andaman Resort, then hooked up with Noi who we met while at Laos Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng, Laos. (still follow this?). We almost ended up renting a treehouse for our time here, but decided against it based on the cost and the location – right next to the bar. We were tempted though as it’s not often you can say you stayed in a treehouse 3 steps from the sea.

Anyway, myself Jonathan, Adam and Noi went off climbing and did a few routes five minutes from the beach, in a wonderful setting overlooking the lime karsts and the beach bay.

When we went climbing there were also loads of Long Tailed Macaque monkeys dancing around the area. Sometime there were a couple just hanging out on a small tree branch about 5 feet away from us, then the next thing there was one literally above my head when watching the others climbed. I could have reached out and touched it before it jumped across the climbing routes to join it’s mates. There were about twenty of them walking along the beach underneath us. The pictures of the monkeys don’t really do it justice.

For those from home, I managed to eat some Aberdeen Rowies (or butteries) the other morning!!! My mum took four over and I managed to throw them into the hotel’s toaster – complete and utter treat. Oh jeez I miss them sooooooooo much.

Going to have a day of doing absolutely nothing tomorrow, then head to Ao Nang beach to spend xmas with mum, stepdad, sister and husband (her’s not mine!).

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