Dec 252006

Last night we took the compulsory meal and ‘entertainment’ at the resorts my family are staying at. To say it wasn’t worth the cash (1600 Baht!) was an understatment, and all drinks were chargeable! But there were around 20 young thai girls dressed in mock santa tops! (see picture above)

Xmas day was well chilled, started off on a bad note by me having a lie in and missing the uncommunicated present opening time, early after breakfast. So there it was, all started with meeting the others in an internet cafe, me heading for breakfast across from the accommodation, and a couple of hours by the pool. Present and gift swapping took place on the bungalow balcony with the sounds of the crickets luckily overshadowing the lousy Christmas tunes on my sister’s iPod!

I also woke up this morning with a sprained wrist, and I definitely didn’t fall over last night, so I’m not sure if I gace myself an unexpected (and unnoticed!) present last night during my sleep…..

In the afternoon we jumped on a moto taxi to the far side of the beach and chilled out topping up that xmas tan, soon to be finished off with us heading to the Irish pub for some traditional Christmas roast….

Merry Christmas wherever you are in the world!!!

Here’s some xmas day pics of me! (Note the custom made board shorts from Hoi An?) :

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  1. Great picture of a ladyboy. Nice one of Santa too >;->

    Have a great Xmas, Dazza.

  2. Aren’t you such a hottie! Can you send me your number please, I can’t find it! Hick! Oops! x

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