Dec 262006

Boxing day meant it was my mum’s 60th birthday. It was a totally chilled day today as she went for a Spa, while I got up late then met them at the pool. We splashed out on a nice hotel for dinner, sitting outside…only it was raining. As usual on this trip I’ve found that often the more you spend, the worse service you get. On that odd rare time I’ve intentionally splashed out on a hotel or meal, it hasn’t been significantly better to justify the cost increase.

The barmen were great, and quite talkative, but when we moved to our table it all went wrong. No white wine. The festive period and no white wine? The third person asked eventually brought one of us to the pathetically stocked wine cabinet, which did actually have white wine….about 3 bottles of it, in a big resort hotel. When the food was ordered, one starter came ages before the others, and I was served and finished my food about 45 minutes before the others. It took around three attempts at asking for the other main courses as other parties came and went, and even after that one main was completely missed out. One of us even walked into the kitchen to ask for rice to accommpany one dish! I orderd my usual chicken green curry, as I decided to miss out on the ‘Poo Dish’ – yet another classic typo on Asian menus (see picture)

I must admit, there were more than one of us that was tempted just to walk out. We would have complained but no-one seemed to have a clue what was going on. As they had a note of my parents resort, we decided to wait and pay, and they even had the cheek to call their resort as they had forgotten to put some drinks on the tab!

At least in a street stall, it’s served instantly, and it’s cheap enough you can just chuck it in the bin otherwise! You can even get served booze at another stall next door here.

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