Dec 202006

There’s a hole in my pocket, dear Lyla, dear Lyla….

At least I’m sure that’s how the song goes, and that’s how it feels being in a city…regardless of what I try to do, the money seems to keep falling through and imaginery hole in my pocket!

Today wasn’t a highlight to be honest. Again, no chill out time in BKK after a not so great kip. I got up, attempted to sort my luggage out then gave up. Well I kinda had to as I realised I had lost the receipt I desperately need to complete my camera insurance claim. I grabbed a cab, realised how bad the traffic was, thrust some cash in the cabbies not too happy hands, jumped out, and flagged down a moto driver. We were there in minutes.

To say it was an exciting ride would be an understatement. No junction was too much – it just meant he had to turn the wrong way then cut across the pavement, sneaking through the smallest gaps in traffic. I got my receipt, a replacement card reader, some DVD’s to back stuff up, then back on a moto to get back near Khao San road.

It would have been all worthwhile if I wasn’t sitting in the taxi to the airport realising I couldn’t find the receipt again!!!! I think it will have to be a pleading call to them, and the insurance company. With transport, a new guidebook, a new book, and all the other crap, I’ve spent about 40 quid, and I still haven’t eaten since breakfast!

Roll on a few days in Krabi when I’ll hopefully have some accommodation secured for the festive period, as I desperately need to sit somewhere for a while to chill out! Bring on some diving, and hopefully climbing…although of course, that’ll cost me! I hear your hearts go out to me.

If anyone is reading this back in blighty – have a merry festive period!! It doesn’t feel like xmas here, which is a bit of a bugger as I have some presents to buy (some of which I think I’ve misplaced – sorry mum!)

Me sitting outside Bangkok airport on wifi! :

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  1. I’ve not left many comments I know, but be assured I continue to be an avid follower of your travels! TPF xmas party….seems like a lifetime ago!

    Anyway, Merry Christmas mate – have a great (and hopefully relaxing) one!

    Thomas 🙂

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