Dec 172006

I arrived back in Bangkok yesterday for the third time this year. Isn’t it weird how before, a place used to seem cheap, and now it’s expensive?

For example, a not so legitimate CD costs almost 6 TIMES the price it does in Hanoi, as as for beer – unless you’re in Khao San road or similar it’s almost two quid a pint. Now that may seem tight moaning about, but when you come from 8 pence a glass (albeit the strength of pisswater) then that’s quite a difference.

Even a t-shirt from the trendy BKKer is ‘cheap’ at 300 Baht for a tshirt from a genuine artist, but at over 4 quid, it’s expensive compared to my 75 pence Vietnam one from Hoi An!

Anyway last night was spent dashing around BKK taking advantage of the relatively dirt cheap cabs. We headed from near Khao San to the Pat Pong night market, over to Sukhumvit for dinner and a walk along Soi Cowboy (to get pinched by one of the ever friendly girls on the way past), then back to Pat Pong for a drink at Radio City, then back to Khao San.

Today my mum and step-dad arrived fresh off the plane from Scotland, so we had a quick trip to the Jatujak Weekend Market.

All shopped out, I’m off to the pool. Cameras will have to wait until tomorrow!

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