Dec 242006

Today is officially a chill day! (another one!). Met the fam yesterday and went for some food. I went to tell the bitchy landlady that I’d stay for longer ‘Ooooh, 900 baht over christmas and new year’ (much more than my current 500!)
‘Even if I stay for over a week?’
‘Yes, Thai people, they come, holiday, one week, you pay in advance’
(I quickly remembered the empty rooms she had, and her stroppieness yesterday and makea mental note to find somewhere else)
I found somewhere else this morning out of two I looked at yesterday. When she saw me walking out with my bags, and the few thousand baht she could have had, she offered it to me for 500 Baht…
‘Sorry, too late – if you did that yesterday I’d have stayed but I’ve told someone else I’m taking a room now’

Oh well, I’m paying slightly more now, and not so nice a room, but I’d be b*ggered if I’dbe giving her my money for a week!

Anyway, it’s a fab day, my family are 100m away from me, and I’m sitting on wifi having breakfast writing this before heading up to their pool.

I’m soooo tempted to go diving on xmas day, but I think it’d go down like a bomb. We have a very cheesy xmas eve meal tonight that it compulsory for people staying at my folk’s resort, and I’m going along…although I’d rather be eating at a locals place than watching a magician’s show surrounded my kids…

Bah Humbug! Merry Christmas!

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  1. Merry Christmas Darren! You should be eating too much to go diving anyway. Have a good one. Rob.

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