Nov 272006

So I was on a dive boat chatting to another punter I had met hours earlier as we boarded the boat, our home for two days. I was being asked which camera and lenses I have….

‘well I’ve got a 28-135mm, 70-300mm and I have a 10-22mm but I couldn’t find it yesterday when I was looking in my bag for something. I was leaving the room in Sihanoukville and was bitching to Udai when I couldn’t find it. I’m not so sure this item will turn up like the others but I’m convinced it’s not in my bags and I’ve no idea where I could have lost it or had it stolen. Last time I used it was the temples at Seam Reap. Really weird.’

‘Were you staying at the Okay Guest House in Phnom Penh?’

‘I was there and found a lens under the bed in my…’
‘No way, that’s where I put my laptop when I went out, room 212?’
‘…room, and I handed it into reception. They seemed to think you were coming back after Sihanoukville. Yeh room 212.’
‘Jeeez, I can’t believe that, I hope they still have it, man I could kiss you, I didn’t think I’d have left it sitting behind in the temples, I just couldn’t work it out.’

‘Phew, that was lucky – how much was that worth – a couple of hundred dollars?’
‘Erm, kinda. More like $1100. Man I love you, thanks for being so honest!!!!’

‘I’ve got a Nikon, not Canon. They seemed good in there I’m sure they’ll have it.’ (I kinda used my poetic licence on this line)

After a day out of reception, I called them up on my return to land. I’m now back at the Okay Guest House. They didn’t reserve a room like I asked. They couldn’t find the lens, but asked me to ask the other guy when I got up for the bus.

I left for dinner.

‘Sir – room 212 wasn’t it. Is this it?’

What a frickin’ coincidence. You always bump into folk on this typical tourist trail, but to be on a dive boat with someone who moved into your room, in another town, who found your camera lens…..

Thanks Robin! I love you!

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