Nov 062006

I’ve trashed my new camera! I’ve only had it for 4 weeks (or since I was in KL, whenever that was). I was standing at Phonsavan bus station, and had been for 4.5 hours waiting on our bus in the bloody cold night (seriously – proper cold, and who sent their fleece home?! Thank god for Merino wool!). Our bus came along, the 6 of us (the rest I just met at the station) wandering how we were going to get on. We had all night in this thing, and it was stacked to the gunnels with people and goods, and there were at least 4 motorbikes on the roof, along with the rest.

We were sitting there taking pictures before we jumped on, and my Canon S80 leaped out of my hand, the lens extended. After that it refused to play ball, the lend neither retracting or fully extending, meaning yet again, I’m without a small camera!


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