Jun 202006

Just a quick last post before I get picked up from Raleigh for the start of the 3 months. Great crowd I’ve met so far. Unfortunately I was too late to get to one of the small islands offshore like Mamutik yesterday. Only 17 Ringgits to get there and back and it was a picture of paradise.

We ate at the Filipino market in KK yesterday. Amazing freshly bbq’d fish and rice, eating with your hands. The tuna was amazing and with a drink it was only 10 Ringgits (around 1.40UKP). During the day the market was mostly fruit and veg with the most amazing array of stuff there. A great place for photos, unfortunately I left my camera at home last night.

Looks like my net access will become more limited so the updates and pics will die down. Have some good ones from the market yesterday. Got my Malaysia SIM card so I have some touch with the ‘outside’ world.

More soon, just dunno when…..
PS : There’s quite a few rats kicking around here….

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