Feb 262011

We’ve had a great couple of days in queenstown, and a few drinks with an American couple (including some boozy bar bucking bronco machine!). We did some climbing today (followed by a swim in the lake!) and biking yesterday and really like the vibe of Queenstown although it is a tad touristy…but that leaves and […]

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Feb 242011

I’ve just been watching a bit of one of NZ’s documentaries showing latest pics of the quake aftermath. The damage to the city is far worse than I could have imagined. Cars, buildings and lives crushed…many of the streets we’ve walked along almost unrecognisable. If you’re buying yourself a wee treat or a couple of […]

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Feb 222011

We are ok after the big tragic earthquake in Christchurch today.  We were on Stewart Island at the time and out fishing, about 6 hours drive away so felt nothing. Thoughts going out to everyone across Canterbury.

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Feb 192011

Just typing this in a small campsite just outside of Invercargill on the very South of the South Island.  Yes, I’m way behind on any form of blogging but time just seems to fly by.  We left the fantastic house of Ciara’s relatives on Monday and have been travelling down through Dunedin, and the Catlins […]

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Feb 132011
South Island in Three Weeks

It’s been a bit of a whistle stop tour of the South Island so far since my folks have arrived.  In saying that, we’ve picked wisely so they’ve visited the top spots, yet still managed to relax, and have rarely driven more than a few hours every few days.  This is a much better way […]

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Jan 232011
Driving into Mount Cook village

Alive and well and in Mt Cook. Had amazing couple of days with a night visit to an observatory, then a grand scenic flight for 50 mins today around the tallest mountains, glaciers and Lake Tekapo. Today’s flight was the best I’ve ever done, and I’ve done some mean heli drops snowboarding before. Amazing and […]

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Jan 172011
Arthur’s Pass to Christchurch

We have arrived in Christchurch awaiting my mum’s arrival on Thursday (erm, which I thought was on Wednesday until recently!).  Ooops. The last 10 days have been great heading down the West Coast and stopping for the night in lakeside campsites.  We spent about a week in and around the Arthur’s Pass mountainous area which […]

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Jan 112011
Arthur's Pass

We got our first hardcore walk in today.  It was a bit more than a walk but took us to the 1800m or so summit of Avalanche Peak in Arthur’s Pass..it was a cracking day. We were surrounded by Keas at the top, an alpine parrot which apparently is super intelligent.  I remember them from […]

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Jan 072011

Hi All, and a belated Happy New Year to everyone. Although it may sound like we’ve been living ‘off grid’ with no updates, we haven’t been, it’s just that time on the road flies, and days are busy, and laptops aren’t picked up.  Photos for this post will come later! We took in Christmas in […]

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Dec 242010
Merry Xmas & a Review of Our Year

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to whoever reads this..…if you read it leave a comment below to let us know!  I’ll warn you this is going to be a VERY long post, as it’s a brief update, and a summary of our year and trip so far – so grab some xmas cheer, […]

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