Nov 302010

Alas, the Rugby World Cup tickets are on general sale today, after the first 2 phases completed earlier in the year.  We think we’ll be around in NZ during them but doubt we’ll go to any matches which is a shame There’s a few reasons though : We don’t know where we’ll be based (probably […]

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Nov 192010
Kayaking in Wellington

At the start of last week I was lucky enough to be offered to go kayaking with my Wellington friend Jono.  I know him from over 10 years ago when I spent a winter in Canada.  So yet again, I went out to play while the boss was busting a gut. The van was pretty […]

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Oct 312010

Well folks we have officially put in for our expression of interest to apply for New Zealand residency!  We spent a long time on Saturday filling out the form online, and submitted it today.  We have yet to send off for police certs from back home and a couple of other things so it may […]

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Oct 272010
Our full van

I’m not sure if I mentioned this but a few weekends ago we spotted some boogie boards in a garage sale……of course I was the bad influence and we ended up buying them, and a frisbee to go with them.  With them and the bikes our van is looking well stacked now.  We still have […]

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Oct 212010
It’s been a while…

Its been a while since I posted so I’m just going to fire up a quick one before we head off for the weekend.  The blog posts are surely getting a bit repetitive “cycling, outdoors, weather good, weather bad” so I’ll try and work out some new stuff to write! Needless to say it should […]

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Oct 062010
Welly weekend and cycling

We finished our week at our alternative accommodation in Wellington’s Mount Victoria area.  We had a great week and were very fortunate to have a great host too – including dotty the cat.  Unfortunately the weather was the probably the worst we’ve seen so far with wild winds and torrential rain so that put paid […]

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Sep 292010
Napier road trip and city living

This weekend we headed up to Napier as it was…..windy in Wellington!  It apparently turned out not too bad in the city, but we headed away anyway.  The drive was a bit of a nightmare as it felt like I was driving a mini metro, with a 12 metre kite on top, in a hurricane.  […]

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Sep 172010
The Storms are hitting us in Wellington

We’ve decided to hang around the city this weekend as there are large storms forecast to hit this weekend……it could be exciting as I sit here with thunderstorms and the odd bit of lightning as I prepare to catch the bus into town.  Here’s a shot of one of the storm fronts coming through a […]

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Jul 102010

Just as a bit of chance I’ve added a ‘Donate’ button the right hand side of the blog…..if anyone wants to try it…erm, just to see if it works   ;-)   …..I’m sure we’d be delighted to have a coffee from you in NZ….or a night in a 5 star hotel….some rafting, skiiing… deposit……  I saw […]

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