Jul 302011
Long overdue post

I’m  long overdue with a blog post. We’ve just returned from a fantastic day skiing on the Remarkable mountains. Here’s a quick pic from a viewpoint that we could see our house from.  I’m back up tomorrow for an ice climbing course. Its all great here.  I’ve even had a few days where I’ve went […]

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Jul 172011
Our view today

We had a great cruise on the lake today after a big skiing day yesterday. Turned out it was a private cruise as noone else booked….which was great as we went to the far side of the lake. Its such a great day I wish it didn’t have to get dark!

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May 122011
First week as a Queenstown Resident

Just a small update to say we’ve survived our first week in the house, and almost my first week in the job. Yes I know you can see the joins in the picture above, but wanted to get this up here to show a different view of “home”.  Pretty neat eh?  Yup that’s the van […]

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Apr 202011
Morning Exercise in Queenstown

  Apologies, I ‘borrowed’ this picture from a Queenstown council job advert….but I thought it was appropriate to the current move to Queenstown.  With a bit of luck, and the additional purchase of a “fresh tracks” pass for me, hopefully I’ll be able to do this before work sometime as well.

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Feb 192011

Just typing this in a small campsite just outside of Invercargill on the very South of the South Island.  Yes, I’m way behind on any form of blogging but time just seems to fly by.  We left the fantastic house of Ciara’s relatives on Monday and have been travelling down through Dunedin, and the Catlins […]

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Jan 172011
Arthur’s Pass to Christchurch

We have arrived in Christchurch awaiting my mum’s arrival on Thursday (erm, which I thought was on Wednesday until recently!).  Ooops. The last 10 days have been great heading down the West Coast and stopping for the night in lakeside campsites.  We spent about a week in and around the Arthur’s Pass mountainous area which […]

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Jan 072011

Hi All, and a belated Happy New Year to everyone. Although it may sound like we’ve been living ‘off grid’ with no updates, we haven’t been, it’s just that time on the road flies, and days are busy, and laptops aren’t picked up.  Photos for this post will come later! We took in Christmas in […]

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