Nov 042006
Sam Neua to Nong Khiaw

Market vendor in Sam Neua :The kid I made cry when pointing a lens : The group all caught buses early in the morning – all the other guys heading to Vietnam, and Angelica headed to Nong Khiaw with me on her way to cross up into China. We visited the market briefly to see […]

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Nov 032006
Sam Neua and Vieng Xai Caves

Me arriving in a chilly Sam Neua after the overnight bus journey : Unloading the bus at Sam Neua : In our drowsy states, we caught a share taxi (Sawngthaew) to Vieng Xai. As you’ll know I catch these everywhere. The world translates to ‘two rows’ describing the the rows of seats laid in the […]

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Nov 022006

After one night in Phonsavan I was keen to do an overnight bus trip out of there rather than face another night there. Despite this, my sister had been on the phone after visiting Nong Khiaw and she never thought I’d see better scenery than there and Vang Vieng. Even an hour before I had […]

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