Sep 132010
Birthday HeliPro flight over Wellington

I’m lagging behind on blog posts again but last weekend we managed to get up for a short scenic HeliPro flight over Wellington for Ciara’s birthday.  We had to cancel on the big day due to the typical last minute windy Wellington weather but on the Saturday the weather was superb.  We departed from the […]

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Sep 032010

Just incase you are worried we are unaffected by the earthquake that hit Christchurch last night.  It’s about 190 miles away as the crow flies but it’s in the South Island.  Our housemate felt the quake during the night but the rest of us in the house slept through it. Unfortunately Christchurch has been a […]

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Aug 192010
A Weekend Away

Its been another week of little blogging and no photos so just a mini catch up before the weekend.  Last weekend we managed to get out and about a bit with a beach walk, and a kite fly, then some indoor climbing with friends on Sunday so at least we got around after Ciara’s first […]

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Aug 092010

We’ve arrived in Wellington and are trying hard to make it ‘home’ after Ciara brilliantly got a short term contract and is currently in the office as I write this. I’m so looking forward to being a kept man while I hunt for vans, flats and the like :-)    (Actually I need to up my […]

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Aug 092010
Auckland – The rest of it….

  Well the blogging has been going downhill a bit since we arrived in NZ as well…the wifi situation hasn’t improved since I was here 4 years ago…there’s no free wifi access I’ve found yet apart from the odd coffee shop that gives you a code when you buy stuff. Anyway, we spent a while […]

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Aug 062010

We’re alive in Wellington – blogging has been slow due to internet access…but Ciara has a job for at least a month, I’m still looking but things not looking too great for my normal role, and I’ll upload pics and more soonish…..

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Jul 232010
Auckland Update – Gluten Free City

We’ve been in Auckland for a few days now and nothing much to report.  We’ve been looking at job sites (well, ahem, some more than others, and I’m not to be praised on that front), but we have set up bank accounts, applied for tax numbers, looked at housesits, help exchanges, transferred a bunch of […]

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