Jun 242010
Back from the Gobi, onto China

We got back from a 10 day tour to the Gobi desert yesterday and have a catch up day in Ulanbataar…but I doubt I’ll have time to put up any pics just now as I have loads downloaded last night, and we are leaving to Beijing in China at 0715 in the morning! Anyway, we’ve […]

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Jun 052010

We’re now in Olgi at the far west of Mongolia. Most folk get here with a flight from Ulanbataar in the east but we flew from Kazakhstan. It’s got a nice feel around here for some reason, despite it being like the wild west. Big buzzards (or some massive bird like that) hover over the […]

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Jun 032010

We’ve got our tickets now for Olgii and off wandering around Almaty today – the most modern and expensive city so far. Jammed streets full of 4x4s and modern shopping centres…no wonder the tourism board got a bit pissed about the Borat thing! We’re still waiting on confirmation about our tour – as always they […]