Mar 152007

If you are an Aussie, or anyone else for that matter then you either have an allegiance to Sydney, or to Melbourne – both very different cities. So you may wander about my opinion, or more likely, you don’t care.It’s a tough call. For me, Melbourne is way better. Cooler, funkier shops, easier to get […]

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Mar 092007
Melbourne Rocks

Melbourne’s a great city. I reckon Edinburgh would be like this if it had a bigger population to sustain some more quirky and unusual shops. There are just so many shops, bars and cafes here with such a good vibe. The city is also a great mix of old and new as you don’t have […]

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Mar 082007

I only arrived in Melbourne yesterday morning and it seems like I’ve been here for a while. I’ve dropped my bags in my mate’s apartment but have yet to see his housesitter! I didn’t do much during the day yesterday apart from wander around a few streets I didn’t see the last time. The pad […]

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Mar 072007

I flew from Adelaide to Melbourne today. It was hard leaving Adelaide as I had a great time there, largely helped by Scott having days off, and the festival preview happening while I was there.I managed to have a few beers, go for dinner, drive around for a day (thanks for the car Scott) and […]

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