Sep 242006

Well it feels like I’ve been writing this all the time – ‘last night in KK’, ‘moving on soon’,’my own phase 2′ and all that crap. But as long as I can get my bombsite of a hostel room in a better state tomorrow and post a couple of boxes home, I should be on […]

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Sep 172006

Most of the staff attended the Malaysian Merdeka Day celebratons last night at Likas Stadium in KK. I think they rotate it around all the different regions in Malaysia and this year was Sabah’s turn. Our VIP tickets had us sitting almost within spitting distance of the King. It was a pretty full on event […]

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Sep 162006

The last couple of days have been very hectic as we are all preparing to leave field base at ridiculous o’clock to fly to Tawau, then get the boat to Sipadan for three days of diving. I never even found time to sort out my luggage so when I come back to KK next week […]

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Sep 142006

It’s that time already and it seems to be flying by. We had our staff party at Gayana Island Resort last night. It was a pretty well behaved affair on the whole, but was a good laugh with late night swims etc in a lovely pool that was fenced off from the sea, and staying […]

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Sep 122006

It’s pretty much that time already! The last few days were spent at the final expedition wash up, and a closing ceremony with the Minister if Youth and Sport, and his Permanent Secretary (and others) in attendance. My slideshow of the three months went down a storm, and it had a (if I may say […]

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