Mar 142007

I’ve had a case study performed on me….. nothing to worry about though, it was all performed by my lovely sidekick (erm, my PR mentor, the one who kept me on the straight and narrow in Borneo) Kate. My case study is on the Raleigh International website.  Note it may not be exactly word for word […]

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Oct 082006
Perhentian Kecil pictures

Here’s a selection of pics from the Perhentian islands (apologies for the formatting!). Me on the Long Beach : A deserted Long Beach : View from Mohsin chalets : You transfer from the ‘big’ boats to one of these to get you to the islands : How clear (and warm) is this water? Painting Perhentian […]

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Oct 012006

Well, you just can’t escape Raleigh folk, but I guess now everyone can be called friends rather than referring to them as ‘Raleigh folk’ – the Raleigh bubble has burst just now, but we’re all spreading ourselves across Asia for the moment. Here’s me just after having my few welcoming drinks in KL with Mia, […]

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Oct 012006

Well it’s my last night in KL, and I think I’ve done the city. I’ve spent too much replacing my camera, and a wee hard drive to replace the overweight DVD’s I’ve lugged around (how’s that for an original excuse to purchase a new toy!). This is way too tempting a place to wander around […]

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Sep 292006

Arrived in KL last night to a really chilled out hostel…that was until the club next door kicked off. I need to send a shedload more back home to the UK due to my excess baggage on Air Asia almost doubling the cost of my flight from Brunei to KL. I’m going to have a […]

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Sep 252006

Well I’m now sitting in Labuan wandering WTF I’m doing here. You see I posted a load of stuff home this morning as I figured I wouldn’t need it til NZ. I then realised I still had my trekking poles, and my bag was way too ridiculously heavy. In my quest to do something different […]

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