Feb 022007

I did another boat dive at Chocolate Islandat 1030 this morning.  This one had a niceer entrance as the wind which had challenged my sleep last night had died down a bit.  We did a two way dive against, tehn with the current.  Nothing too great, but we did see Mantis Shrimp, several nudibranches and a ‘wiggly arsed fish’….which translated […]

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Feb 022007
Two Thresher Sharks, and more...

Well I’ve realised I’ve spoiled myself a bit in the first year of my diving.  Philippines, yes, and yes again. Perhentians, yes.  Cambodia(?!), yes.  Sipadan, oooooh yes!  And here I am back in the Philippines, but in Malapascua Island.  I descended the mooring line around 7am in a big swell, strong surface current, and a relatively […]

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Jan 292007

I had to do some cooking lessons…or reminders… today. I was left home alone in my sister’s place, so had to fend for myself. I resisted the temptation to go out for breakfast (I’ve only got borrowed Pesos anyway due to the useless exchange at Bangkok airport), and had to make myself a coffee and […]

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