Jun 132010

It looks like we were very lucky with our visit to Kyrgyzstan as the violence has erupted in a much larger form in the South East cities of Osh and Jalal-Abad, where we were three weeks ago : There’s more reports on the BBC website.

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Jun 132010
Altai Nomadic Trek, Olgii

We’re just finished our 6 day trek around the lakes SW of Olgii….walking in the wilderness without meeting anyone else, shitting in the open and washing in the ice cold rivers with stunning views in the Altai National Park.  This is in the far west of Mongolia and not nearly as many visitors come here […]

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Jun 012010

We are back in Bishkek for a night and been visited by the rain. We have word that our tickets will be ready for our Mongolian flight tomorrow, which is just as well as we’re heading to Almaty and Kazakhstan in the morning. We had a night in a jailoo last night which is a […]

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May 312010

In Kochkor after an another ‘interesting’ day in Kyrgyzstan…so ended up skipping a destination after walking with heavy packs to find 3 yurts set up where we were meant to stay, but no-one around….wasn’t sure if someone would turn up or not so hoofed it to the next destination! Just checking up and no more […]

May 292010

Been out for a couple of walks around Karakol the last couple of days, and off to livestock bazaar tomorrow… Still no Mongolia flight confirmed, but at least we’ve been doing a bit more (even though we got pissed on yesterday). Anyway, better dash. Will likely be offline for a few days now.

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May 272010

We are now in Karakol in Kyrgyzstan up by the mountains. Its been a bit weird since leaving the city which is a weird thing to say. We spent a night in Cholpon-Ata which is meant to be the ‘Costa Del Sol’ of Kyrgyzstan, but it was a bit depressing to be honest, and I […]

May 232010
Kyrgyzstan – 5 days in

Internet access has been harder to get hold of here than expected.  It’s easy to get on the net but the connection speeds have been so slow sometimes that we’ve given up.  The guesthouse in Osh was still on dial up, and there’s little sign of being able to get reliable access to plug my […]

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May 172010

Just a quick note to say we arrived in Osh, Kyrgyzstan after crossing the border from Uzbekistan this morning. We visited the silk factory in Margilan (Uzbekistan) and paid over the odds for a crappy hotel there last night (still only $50 for the room but we were really miffed – were expecting $20 – […]

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