Jan 142007

I’m still alive in Koh Lanta. Heading to Koh Phi Phi on 16th then over to Phuket for a 4 day liveaboard starting on 18th. The internet is a bit problematic here sometimes – I need to walk around 50m to get it ;->When I get round to it I’ll tell tales of falling off […]

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Jan 102007

I’ll keep this one brief, but I’m back in Koh Lanta, and have just spent a few days with my mates Rachel, and another unexpected one Alan who had a cancelled job in Indonesia and decided to pop down to Krabi and Lanta with me. Needless to say I spent too much, and drank too […]

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Jan 042007

I managed to move a bit further than the 20 metres to the beach today. I got a scooter with one of the other guys in the accommodation and biked around the southern end of Koh Lanta. We also spent an hour in a kayak just to pretend we did something a bit energetic. AND […]

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Jan 032007

Well, I wouldn’t quite call it stuck. I cashed in my ticket to Koh Lipe today (albeit a bit reluctantly, but wise due to the time available) and am staying here until I go back to Ao nang / Krabi on 6th. I’ll do a visa run over the next few days. Due to having […]

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Jan 022007

Well the guys at the Lanta Family Resort perked me up a bit. After picking me up at the peir, after dinner I went back to the bungalow’s restaurant and was told to join him and the other guests for a beer, and stayed a few hours, despite thinking I wouldn’t be out past around […]

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Jan 012007

I’ve calmed down a wee bit after realising that there’s nought I can do about my phone. I’ve had it on my ‘list’ to back up all my numbers for ages but never got round to doing it, so everyone please email me your home and mobile numbers!!!! It’s really frustrating loosing a phone at […]

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