Jun 112007
No more hostels

          As much as I love hostels like K’s I’m glad to be sitting on my flight writing this, knowing that I’m not going to be in a hostel for a while.  No more stinky people (or more stinkier people than me).  No more snorers.  No more people coming in late […]

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Jun 112007
A slow last day in Japan

I love it when you leave a country when it all turns to shit. I woke up this morning with an inevitable hangover, probably the worst I’ve had for a bloody long time.  It was 9am and I was determined to go to a park today to see locals doing their costume play and take […]

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Jun 082007
Tokyo toys

I’m just glad Yodobashi Camera’s website is only in Japanese or I’d want to buy stuff on it all the time.  I walked into their Shinjuku branch today and it was ridiculous.  Everything was in stock – all those things you kind of know exists in the UK, but that you can only see on websites.  […]

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Jun 082007

After the fish market I headed off to the Ghibli Museum (NB : link is to a Google translated page).  No, I never had a clue what it was about either.  A few people in the hostel said he was a famous animator, with up there with, or more than, Walt Disney himself.  His museum is […]

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Jun 082007

….was the title of the email I got this morning from a mate in Edinburgh.  Just as I realised I’ve overspent too much he’s invited a bunch of people to see if there are any takers to join him flying around San Diego while he clocks up the hours for his commercial pilots license! Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg.  And […]

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Jun 082007
Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

Somehow I made it to get up at 0545 this morning to head down to the fish market.  This isn’t any fish market, it’s the fish market for Japan, with one of the most varied seafood diets in the world, thus it’s the biggest fish market in the world.  Due to the light over here I […]

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Jun 072007

If you are coming to Japan, you should try to get the Japan In Your Pocket series of guidebooks.  I’ve just spied one of them in my hostel and they’re great.  A completely different style to your usual guidebooks, but very entertaining.  The Today’s Japan one covers everything from how the trains work, through to […]

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Jun 072007

So I’ve only been in Tokyo for a few hours, and it’s exactly what I thought (even though I’ve been here a few nights before). I have already been confused at what replacement to buy for my MP3 player….I was decided, then I saw a larger one for not much more…. But in a few […]

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