Jun 112008

The blogging has went quiet this year and there’s no excuse really. What prompted this entry?I realised that this night exactly one year ago I was living up my last night in Bangkok celebrating 12 months of travelling and all that that entailed….countries, people, cultures, sights, adventures, situations, scams, haggling, diving, trekking, volunteering, many great […]

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Aug 142007

As I’m interesting in online marketing and photography I stumbled across these pages discussing Virgin Mobile using Flickr images under the creative commons license for a full scale advertising campaign. Yuck. Another exploitation of images in my eyes : Virgin Mobile advertising campaign using Flickr photos, and the campaign in question (at least the online […]

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Aug 132007

Well it’s been a very quiet time on the blogging front for me…but I have been busy. I’ve just redeveloped and relaunched my new personal website. If anyone has any leads on photography or writing work I’d be happy to receive them! I’m very keen to get out in the sticks again and off the […]

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Jul 262007

I’ve spent the last few days on and off organising all my data after my year away and realised I took over 15,000 photographs during my trip. Just over 5000 during my Raleigh Expedition (which I find hard to believe!) and over 10,000 during the rest of my travels! This was just a quick search […]

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Jul 182007

14 days without a blog post. Does this mean life has been boring? In a way yes, but in a way no. I’m still waiting for Sony to deliver a part for my laptop. I caught the cable on my foot in the Philippines, dragged it off a 1 foot high table and caused £600 […]

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Jul 042007

I cannot believe that I have almost been back as long as the time period I spent in Japan. In comparison, I’ve achieved diddly squat….nada….nothing. When I was away it usually seemed that what I did last week seemed like ages away, yet now back in a ‘normal’ environment time seems to fly by. I […]

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Jul 022007

After a short stint in Aberdeen that flew by far too quickly I am back in Edinburgh, where I stayed before I went travelling.It is taking me quite some time to realise I’m back and get my head into doing things that will actually bring in some cash. Reality bites hard! I’ve also been slowly […]

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Jun 282007

As expected its taken me ages to get into things this week – still haven’t done the tax, printed pictures, written articles or sorted out all the stuff at my mum and dad’s……and tomorrow I need to be sorted to take all my outdoors gear to Edinburgh!My laptop is out of action for at least […]

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Jun 262007

How is it that music you listen to seems to adapt to your life? You listen to albums you have listened for for ages, yet because something that has happened to you, you start to listen to, rather than just hear, words of songs you have heard over and over again, yet now the words […]

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Jun 252007
Post Travel Blues in grey Aberdeen (and a new Logo)

Is this the last leg of travel of my backpacking kit? I think so, but a different batch will head back to Edinburgh at the weekend…. I don’t like it when people refer to Aberdeen, my real home city, as dull and grey (after all it is known as the Granite City due to all […]

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