Dec 122006

Due to a very limited time in Vietnam, and a pretty blown ‘budget’ already, the flight option to Hanoi was selected, saving 16-18 hours on the bus or train. After chilling by the pool and collecting jeans it was finally time to grab some chillout time in Hoi An. Of course, this was ultimately decided […]

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Dec 112006

It can hardly be said that Hoi An is an expensive place to shop, but you can certainly spend a shitload, but get a lot of bang for your buck….which is pretty much what I did today. I collected all the clothing, and decided to go back and buy the ceramics….all ceramic but finished off […]

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Dec 102006

Yesterday was spent getting way too acquainted with the tailors shops and I ended up ordering 2 short sleeve shirts, 1 copy of a Mountain Hardwear shirt, a copy of a pair of trousers, board shorts, and jeans and a pair of cashmere trousers based on some linen trousers I got in Thailand last year. […]

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Dec 082006

With a storming hangover I went and checked out a dive place, had breakfast, then headed to the airport at Nha Trang for a one hour flight to Danang for Hoi An. After my love for Luang Prabang in Laos, and everyone comparing there to Hoi An I was keen to get there. The journey […]

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