May 172007

I’ve uploaded some diving pictures from the Poor Knights Islands to my wanderingscotsman picture gallery.  If you don’t dive and have been reading my blog, AND you have a broadband connections, check out this video from the Similan Islands on Google Video.  You’ll get an idea of what it can be like.  I saw most […]

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May 172007
Last night in Tutukaka

The holiday park in Tutukaka was mobbed last night – I mean there were FOUR campervans in it! After dinner and my bottle of Feijoa wine I had sitting in the fridge (now that I just remembered that, not wonder I was so bad this morning as that was after my post dive pint!) I […]

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May 142007

Just a quickie as my time on the net is running out and my accommodation in Japan has fallen through…I’m heading back to Tutukaka for another days dive probably as I’ve turned into a ‘tick off tourist’ again and don’t like it. And I’ve always been thinking of diving…. More soon.

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Feb 042007

I don’t like saying this about many places, but Manila is a shithole.  It’s not a bad place as such, there are great things to do, just not a lot of things to see, and the place is a lesson in how not to design a city. Any wannabe urban planner should come here for […]

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