Jun 122007
Back In BKK

  If you’ve been in Thailand before you could probably guess I am there just from this picture. It’s great to be back to Thai food.  I realised I hadn’t had any for a while as I confidently asked for my green curry ‘quite spicy’ last night, forgetting my taste buds would have to re-adapt.   […]

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Dec 192006

Well what can I say…it’s my last night in BKK. I’ve just went for dinner with the family, checked my email…and basically can’t be arsed to write anything. Today has been pretty rushed…great plans of getting up, sitting by the pool, then hitting the dreaded shops after buying a tshirt, a new guidebook, getting my […]

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Dec 192006
Getting ready for the next phase.....

Grand Palace : Tomorrow I’m flying to Krabi with Jonathan I met in Vang Vieng in Laos. A couple of days later my folks and sister join me.Ciara left to head back to the UK yesterday as well so it’s all a bit changeable for myself, kinda just crossing my fingers that we manage to […]

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Dec 172006

I arrived back in Bangkok yesterday for the third time this year. Isn’t it weird how before, a place used to seem cheap, and now it’s expensive? For example, a not so legitimate CD costs almost 6 TIMES the price it does in Hanoi, as as for beer – unless you’re in Khao San road […]

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