Mar 152007

Within 8 hours I’ll be wakening up and on the ferry across the bay on the way to Sydney airport. Yes, it’s my last few hours in Australia. I’m pleased to say that despite being reluctant to come to such a westernised place after Asia, it’s been a ball. I’ve visited most states, done most […]

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Mar 152007

If you are an Aussie, or anyone else for that matter then you either have an allegiance to Sydney, or to Melbourne – both very different cities. So you may wander about my opinion, or more likely, you don’t care.It’s a tough call. For me, Melbourne is way better. Cooler, funkier shops, easier to get […]

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Mar 142007

The weather finally broke this morning, the clouds disappeared, the sun came out!  It was off to Coogee just down the coast for the coastal walk to Bondi beach.  My mate Karen and her pal joined me for the 90 minute walk along the coast.  This is a great thing to do here if you […]

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Mar 132007
Something fishy in Sydney

I got out the house today!  Well, around lunchtime…. I finally made it into the city centre then it rained just as I was about to explore the Botanic Gardens! Yes, it seems I brought the bad weather here too.  With that I headed into town and decided to overload myself even more and purchase […]

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Mar 132007
Lazy day in Sydney

It’s not always sunny in Sydney! Botanical Gardens during a downpour  I had an extremely lazy day in Sydney today.  I got up, got online, and never left the apartment until I went out to buy dinner for us around 7.30pm! I had great intentions to do a walk but it was really cloudy and […]

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Mar 102007
Hello Sydney!

I’m now in Sydney arriving only a few hours after getting up in Melbourne this morning. Thanks to my new host Paul (who I met on my Whitsundays trip a couple of weeks ago) I made it through the city very quickly from the airport to the quay, then a couple of stops on the […]

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Mar 092007

Considering I wasn’t that bothered about Australia when I came over here it’s pretty hard to leave (apart from the cost of it!) places as I have left so many things untouched and not been able to spend nearly as much time with people as I’d like to. In every city I’ve met friends, often […]

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Mar 092007
Melbourne Rocks

Melbourne’s a great city. I reckon Edinburgh would be like this if it had a bigger population to sustain some more quirky and unusual shops. There are just so many shops, bars and cafes here with such a good vibe. The city is also a great mix of old and new as you don’t have […]

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Mar 082007

I only arrived in Melbourne yesterday morning and it seems like I’ve been here for a while. I’ve dropped my bags in my mate’s apartment but have yet to see his housesitter! I didn’t do much during the day yesterday apart from wander around a few streets I didn’t see the last time. The pad […]

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