Jan 272007

I’m sitting here waiting for my taxi to Krabi airport to get my flight to Bangkok. I then have a few hours to kill before catching a very early morning flight to Manila, two days there then off to Malapascua for a few days. It’s pretty hard leaving here! I’ve been here long enough but […]

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Jan 232007

Well I’m back in Ao Nang for the thirdtime since the mid December, just having arrived from Krabi. It’s not a new place for me, but it’s new faces. I left Rachel for her slow trip home and am waiting for John aka ‘Johnny Jazz’ to arrive in town. The first and probably only chance […]

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Jan 062007

Ok, its just over one week, but from 26th December until today I’ve had 5 birthdays (two for folk I just met) and one anniversary. No wander I’m so knackered!! Was so tired last night it was a struggle to stay up until the sunrise! It wasn’t planned, but Lee and I went back ‘home’ […]

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Dec 292006

Pretty uneventful blog for today and yesterday…. yesterday we went to Tonsai beach and it pissed with rain so we had a beer and came back. Today we went to Railey in the afternoon (sisters anniversary and her hubby’s birthday…two years ago today we were all on a beach in Florida jigging with kilts on […]

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Dec 262006
Tsunami Anniversary

It’s hard to think that two years ago, a large tsunami ripped through this area, devastating the lives of many around the world. There is still a bit of building work going on, but I think this has as much to do with development as anything else. There are tsunami evacuation signs all over the […]

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Dec 262006
Happy 60th Mum!

Boxing day meant it was my mum’s 60th birthday. It was a totally chilled day today as she went for a Spa, while I got up late then met them at the pool. We splashed out on a nice hotel for dinner, sitting outside…only it was raining. As usual on this trip I’ve found that […]

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Dec 252006
Merry Christmas

Last night we took the compulsory meal and ‘entertainment’ at the resorts my family are staying at. To say it wasn’t worth the cash (1600 Baht!) was an understatment, and all drinks were chargeable! But there were around 20 young thai girls dressed in mock santa tops! (see picture above) Xmas day was well chilled, […]

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Dec 242006

Today is officially a chill day! (another one!). Met the fam yesterday and went for some food. I went to tell the bitchy landlady that I’d stay for longer ‘Ooooh, 900 baht over christmas and new year’ (much more than my current 500!)‘Even if I stay for over a week?’‘Yes, Thai people, they come, holiday, […]

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Dec 232006

I left the two guys this morning and took the long tail boat to Ao Nang beach for 60 Baht. As usual, you pay more money for a place and sometimes it’s not worth it. They were meant to sort a spare bed for me with my folks but said they were finished, so I […]

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