Jul 302011


I’m  long overdue with a blog post. We’ve just returned from a fantastic day skiing on the Remarkable mountains. Here’s a quick pic from a viewpoint that we could see our house from.  I’m back up tomorrow for an ice climbing course.
Its all great here.  I’ve even had a few days where I’ve went skiing for an hour before work.
More soon….

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  1. C’mon fatboy, there’s been one of the biggest snowfalls in the area in what, 30 years, and we’ve heard and seen jack on your blog. Whaddup dawg?

  2. Sorry just picked this up on my phone on the slopes….gotta dash the chairlift’s just arrived……………………… Actually I was up the slopes this morning before work.
    We’ve been too busy doing ‘stuff’. I mean I even hoovered last night. Got a load of white fluffy pictures to try and get online sometime, but somehow volunteered to run climbing club’s website too so gotta look at that. We have friends down the next two weekends, then the Rugby World Cup starts. Oh yes, and work! 🙂

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