May 122011


Just a small update to say we’ve survived our first week in the house, and almost my first week in the job.

Yes I know you can see the joins in the picture above, but wanted to get this up here to show a different view of “home”.  Pretty neat eh?  Yup that’s the van in the drive, and the view out the back.

I can get home within 15 minutes which is quicker than we thought.  Work has been interesting this week if a little daunting – exciting (but hard) things being discussed, and still pinching myself walking down the hill with stunning views in the morning, and along the lakefront at lunchtime.

Ciara has also accepted a job at the same place and starts a week on Monday which is great, although I’m going to miss the experimental and tasty dinners, and my lunch being made for me!

We’ve had a couple of barbeques outside (cooking in the dark) which have been really quick and easy, and it’s great seeing the light changing every day in the morning.  I’m counting down the 6 weeks until the mountains open for winter and can’t wait to get back on the snow.

The first pay day is on Tuesday but it’ll take us a while to get back in our stride, which is maybe a good thing!

Hope everyone is well.  There’s only one question for family and friends – when you coming over?

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