Apr 202011

I’ve added another pic of house at the bottom of the Quenstown Calling post – a view of the lakeside “back” of the house, taken from the street below…..  from there you can see the massive double height window, similar up in the loft (accessible by dodgy ‘stairs’), and the baclcony with the BBQ on it  Smile

We’re all signed up and moving in on 3rd May.  We’re back in Wanaka to see Ciara’s cousin tomorrow night, and we did an amazing walk up Roys Peak today.

From there we’re heading up the West coast across the Haast pass, up to Franz and Fox glaciers and we’ll see on time after that.  We may just head back the same way, or less likely, come back over Arthur’s Pass and the long way round via Christchurch. We officially have 12 days left on the last leg of our road trip!

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