Apr 192011


In 14 days between us we’ve had 2 interviews, 12 house viewings, 1 job acceptance, 6 hill pass crossings between Wanaka and Queenstown,2 mountain season passes bought, 1 lease acceptance and today we topped it off….
Ciara, after a mere 1 days skiing, bought her first skis and boots.  Today I bought my first pair of ski touring skis and boots, and my first skis for about (eek) 23 years.
It looks like my snowboard and ice axes may hit a ship over soon …if my mum doesn’t go demented with my packing requests first (thanks mum!)

On top of all that my 12 foot Starboard stand up paddle board I won in Wellington with a photo at a coastal cleanup should be winging its way to Queenstown in 2 weeks time! (The fact that its too big for the van can be worked out later!)

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