Apr 202011
Morning Exercise in Queenstown

  Apologies, I ‘borrowed’ this picture from a Queenstown council job advert….but I thought it was appropriate to the current move to Queenstown.  With a bit of luck, and the additional purchase of a “fresh tracks” pass for me, hopefully I’ll be able to do this before work sometime as well.

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Apr 202011
More house pics

I’ve added another pic of house at the bottom of the Quenstown Calling post – a view of the lakeside “back” of the house, taken from the street below…..  from there you can see the massive double height window, similar up in the loft (accessible by dodgy ‘stairs’), and the baclcony with the BBQ on […]

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Apr 202011
View from above Wanaka

Its crazy. We’ve been in Wanaka for 8 weeks pretty much and only today did we manage to walk up Roy’s Peak…which was top of our list.  We were greeted with a superb view, and it may show why we love it here so much. Lake Wanaka. At least its only 1hr from our door!

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Apr 192011
Ciaras new ski boots

In 14 days between us we’ve had 2 interviews, 12 house viewings, 1 job acceptance, 6 hill pass crossings between Wanaka and Queenstown,2 mountain season passes bought, 1 lease acceptance and today we topped it off…. Ciara, after a mere 1 days skiing, bought her first skis and boots.  Today I bought my first pair […]

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Apr 152011
Queenstown Calling

Jeez it’s been a busy couple of months for us.  I can’t believe that I’ve been so lax in blogging, yet we’ve been staying at a luxury 5 Star B&B/Lodge…with free WiFi.  Out time there ended last week a few days prematurely due to our circumstances (more later).  It was a crazy 6 weeks there […]

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