Dec 062010

Bluebridge Ferry to South IslandWe’ve had a relatively quiet time recently but jhave been busy prepping for our road trip…..  quite exciting as we’ll be on the ferry to the South Island in a week’s time, looking back from the boat to the coast from where this picture was taken.

This weekend we packed up a bit of the room, and sorted out some of the spare food and stuff for when we end up in the arse of nowhere without being prepared….yes, a bit OTT but hey ho.

We ran out of time to test out the new BBQ but Saturday was crazy hot.  The beaches were chocked full of people surfing and swimming and the waterfront was packed with people doing all sorts.  When I walked along the waterfront on Friday myself and a few others walking along had a bit of a laugh as two female tourists ran in front of us, held their noses and jumped into the sea.  I vowed I’d go for a swim in the sea on Sunday but the weather turned a bit meaning Sunday was super lazy.

Apart from that I managed to go bouldering on Thursday with my mate by the sea.  Ciara was bopping away with the girls at Bon Jovi on Saturday night when I decided to go fishing… the usual manner I cast twice and snagged my gear and had to cut the line!

Time to go, but I’ll try to get a blog post in before we hit the high seas.  We have a small bunch of leaving drinks on Friday night then it’ll be time to stash then van.

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