Dec 242010
Merry Xmas & a Review of Our Year

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to whoever reads this..…if you read it leave a comment below to let us know!  I’ll warn you this is going to be a VERY long post, as it’s a brief update, and a summary of our year and trip so far – so grab some xmas cheer, […]

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Dec 242010
Merry Xmas (again)

…and one more to go when I get it ready…  thanks for the cards and pressies. I think we were the only van taking today seriously! Its a glorious day – hot and sunny!

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Dec 242010
Our Xmas van!

Merry Xmas everyone!  I’m in the middle if an Xmas blog entry but in the meantime this will have to do! We are in Collingwood in the far north of the south island in a quiet little camp site.  I’ll be trying to put up a summary of our trip with loads of photos up […]

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Dec 132010
Heading to the South Island

Probably by the time you read this we’ll both be on the ferry, or will have crossed over the South Island (Ruth – keep reading there’s an explanation below) for our ‘wee’ road trip.  I say ‘wee’ but really it’s until either until : The money runs out We stumble across some opportunity in the […]

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Dec 092010
Pre road trip gas BBQ test

Tonight was the night the wind and rain stopped.  That meant only one thing : time to test the portable gas BBQ before the road trip! Ciara came home awfully excited today as it was her last day if wearing what I now call ‘fancy dress’.  Otherwise known as business dress. Its her last day […]

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Dec 062010
Prepping for the road trip

We’ve had a relatively quiet time recently but jhave been busy prepping for our road trip…..  quite exciting as we’ll be on the ferry to the South Island in a week’s time, looking back from the boat to the coast from where this picture was taken. This weekend we packed up a bit of the […]

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Dec 042010
Sunny weekend

Its been a superb weekend of weather in Wellington so far and is forecast to continue. This was Wellington’s waterfront yesterday afternoon.  Seconds earlier my walk was interrupted to laugh as two tourists ran in front of me, grabbed their noses and jumped into the sea. Ciara is heading to see Bon Jovi tonight so […]

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