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Boogie boarding at Lyall BayAfter nursing someone’s hangover on Saturday, Sunday was an action packed day for both of us, but I think I may have went a bit overboard.  We headed down to the fishing shop as our evening class finished last week.  We walked out with a 12 foot surfcasting fishing rod between us!

After that we split as I was going to a Parkour training class (you know those mad guys that run around the streets in the cool tv ads, jumping off, over and under things?  Yeh…a wee bit like that) and Ciara went swimming.  My beginners class lasted an hour and I was absolutely worked during that hour : push ups, wall pull ups, moving along the ground on all fours, jumping on and off benches, walking along thin posts, and easy jumps over walls!  My body was a house of pain for the next couple of days!

But that wasn’t enough….  it was a fantastic day last Sunday and I hadn’t used my wetsuit since my mum shipped it over, or our boogie boards.  We headed down to Lyall Bay just down the road and I popped in for a bit of a swim an an attempt at boogie boarding.  I was a bit beaten up by the waves as I couldn’t get out past them, but that’s what I get going out in a Southerly wind….  the next stop is the Antartic pretty much!  Luckily it wasn’t quite as cold as I thought it would be so I had a very small swim afterwards.  Any longer and I may have needed little booties, but I’ll be back in soon.

But that wasn’t enough either….  after sitting and having our dinner we went along the road in the other direction for a few minutes and tried our first fishing session just as the light was fading.  We never fished where we wanted as we wanted to be on our own spot to avoid any folk laughing at the newbies.  The downside of this is that we lost all of our rig (the hooks, sinker, etc – NOT the rod!) on our first cast in the rocky outcrops just past where we stood!  Live and learn I guess but very frustrating.  We’ll be out again soon though but I think Ciara needs to work on getting her cast to go further than 4m from her feet!  (Wasn’t quite that bad but you have to use a bit of poetic licence). 

We were kind of glad that we weren’t lucky enough to catch a monster as then we’d have to have gutted it ourself!  One step at a time.  Although this is a city centre location you can catch some big fish here and some big snapper along the coast.

Surfcasting at Shelly BaySurfcasting at Shelly Bay

With the rod, the van is pretty much full up for our travels we reckon.  We had a beepy alarm thingy fitted in it this week much to our digust costwise, but it’ll give us a bit of piece of mind.  At least it will when we get another small part fitted – I wasn’t too impressed when I stuck my head in the van and it never went off!  We are getting another bit fitted to trigger in that dead spot!

We are on the countdown to heading to the South Island for hopefully a few months on 14th December.  We can’t wait!

Surfcasting at Shelly Bay, Wellington

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